HP SS FANFICTION NC-17 Lucius Malfoy is under the constant care and supervision of the Ministry of Magic.
After a marriage not wanted on either side Harry and Snape are thrown together and forced to learn to accept each other.
Snape calls in his debts in an attempt at saving himself from an impossible choice.
Molly and Arthur Weasley do the only thing they can think of to save Hermione from a fate worse than death.
Years of intermarriage between pureblood families has begun to cause genetic problems in those same bloodlines.
The boy shivered but kept his teeth firmly clamped together as Snape laid his hand on his body.
Snape reached up on the desk and grabbed the two knobbly knees and yanked Potter down toward him.
The boy tilted back his head and let out a sound that may have been a strangled sigh but came out like a wheeze.
He sat down at his desk and folded his hands in his lap until he heard a knock on the door.
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Severus refuses to absolve him of the crimes that are driving Harry to the brink.
Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.
Four Gryffindors and four Slytherins under a forced lockdown in the potions classroom for two days.
I had three false starts before I could finally get something that I thought would work for her.
Headmaster had been such a fundamental part of Hogwarts that it felt to Harry as if the castle had gone into mourning when he died and never came out again.
He touches the wall as he passes through the last of the castle wards and feels his own brush against his skin.
The breath is knocked out of him and Harry watches Snape gather himself and stand again.
He pulls his wand from his pocket and strokes his fingers along the length of it.
Snape for killing the Headmaster and taking the last shreds of normality with him when he fled.
Snape crumples to the floor again before slowly sitting and massaging his wrists with his fingers.
Perhaps you had concerns about my loyalties that have now been allayed with the testing of the last Death Eater.
Hufflepuffs and one Ravenclaw in detention are relieved when he sends them out of the classroom early.
They scurry out muttering to each other as Harry activates the wards on the classroom and then heads down below the dungeons.
Snape but the memory is rich and full and Harry knows that they are Evan and Aveline Rosier.
Will going in search of the woman who penned these stories turn his life upside down.
Harry wakes up to find himself alone and the task of defeating Voldemort uncompleted.
Severus wades through a complex world of dreams and memories in order to find him.
An agonizing car ride home full of silent reflection and a request for forgiveness.
The young men quickly learned to avoid the snarky wizard sitting at table seventeen.
After lunch Snape headed to the lake to collect some algae for a potion that Dumbledore had asked for.
Draco Malfoy and his usual group of Slytherin cronies were assemble on the bank laying out and absorbing some sun.
With that Severus Snape headed up to the castle where he spent most of the daylight hours in his dungeons brewing.
After a slightly satisfying dinner Snape went down to his classroom where he sat down at his desk to tackle some 6th year papers that he had needed to grade since the beginning of the term.
Hermione Granger walked in and took a seat at a desk in the first row of the classroom.
She looked like she was ready to lounge around the common room with Potter and Weasley.
Snape suggested that she could start brewing a batch of a simple potion that would be the topic of discussion to a group of 2nd years tomorrow.
Snape would peer over his work and eye Hermione as she walked around the classroom searching for the ingredients.
His thoughts were interrupted when Hermione knocked half a dozen jars from the highest shelf to the floor causing a mess.
Snape said having enough of thinking about how much it would cost to replace the ingredients.
Hermione took a seat and quietly sat at what she would say to her fellow Gryffindors about the points.
And that is when he had one of his most despicable ideas since he was following the Dark Lord.
She lightly worked her hand up and down feeling it grow with every passing stroke.
She winced when the clear liquid touched her tongue and the taste flooded her mouth.
This time when she went down she put all of the professor that she could until it met the back of her throat and she stopped.
Snape pushed her gently back to the desk and stood between her legs that were dangling off the desk.
Hermione winced at his words and pressed her feet harder and inserted 2 fingers into her.
When she imagined the feeling of something inside her she thought it would feel good.
After two minutes of clumsily moving her feet over her professor he was fully erect again.
Snape enjoyed every thrust as her small breasts bounced and he got a shot of pleasure with every stroke.
Hermione jumped off the desk and turned around sticking her bottom out toward the professor.
Hermione hung her head as she dressed and left the dungeon absolutely ashamed of herself.

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